A former York County employee has thrown his in hat into the race for a seat being vacated by state Sen. Mike Waugh.

Zack Hearn, 37, said he'd been considering a run for the seat since Waugh, R-Shrewsbury Township announced in August that he won't seek re-election because of a medical condition.

After speaking to members of the public, Hearn said decided to run.

"People aren't just looking for one issue to be addressed in Harrisburg, it's a multitude of issues," he said.

Hearn, a Republican, announced his candidacy in a news release issued Saturday making him just the second person to announce for the seat.

Republican businessman and tea party activist Scott Wagner, who owns York-based Penn Waste and KBS Inc., previously said he's in the race.

Lack of cooperation: Drawing on frustrations voters have over the lack of things getting done in Harrisburg, Hearn said he'd listen to their concerns and work to make things happen if he's elected.

"There's no excuse why they have been so unproductive in Harrisburg with a Republican governor, Republican house and Republican senate," he said.

Enticing companies to bring business to the state is one issue Hearn said he'll work on if elected.

Lowering the corporate net income tax, currently at nearly 10 percent and levied against corporations that do business in Pennsylvania, is one way to bring business to the state, he said.

That could also increase the tax base in York County, and the state. A larger tax base could cause residents to see lower school and other real estate taxes, Hearn said.

He added that he also would not support state policies that put an increased financial burden on school districts unless the policies are funded at the state or federal level.

"It's not fair to pass down all these edicts that school boards can't afford," he said.

Family: Hearn lives in Windsor Township with his wife, Tracey.

He is a graduate of South Western High School in Hanover and Penn State. Hearn served in the U.S. Air Force and was discharged at the rank of senior airman.

Between 2007 and 2010, Hearn worked for York County Domestic Relations.

Since then, he has worked as a veteran's advocate for the American Legion in Washington, D.C., currently serving as the deputy director for claims in the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division.

Hearn is also a member of the American Legion and VFW and is a volunteer with the United States Global Leadership Coalition.

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