West York Police will have another tool when it comes to enforcing parking -- signs.

The council Monday unanimously approved putting up 72-hour parking limit signs that will allow officers to enforce a parking ordinance that has been on the books for years.

Council president Brian Wilson said the ordinance is aimed people who leave vehicles parked in the same spots on streets for more than 72 hours.

"This gives us a little more bite to go after those individuals," he said.

The ordinance can only be enforced where the signs are posted, said Margaret Driscoll, borough solicitor.

The borough has some signs in its stockpile, and they will be placed in areas where long-term parking is an issue, officials said.

Additional signs will be made and placed throughout other parts of West York.

Second go: Monday marked the second time the council voted on putting up the signs in just as many months.

At a meeting in early November, the council narrowly voted down putting up the signs.

The parking limit signs had been installed in October at the direction of police Chief Justin Seibel, but then mayor Sam Firestone ordered the signs removed because only the council has the authority to order the signs installed.

In a memo dated Oct. 22, Firestone threatened "disciplinary action" against the chief if the signs weren't removed.

Firestone had been cited for allegedly parking one of his vehicles in the same spot for more than 72 hours in February, but he was found not guilty of the offense by District Judge Walter Groom in August because the ordinance wasn't posted on signs.

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