In his final moment as the Dover Area School District superintendent, Robert Krantz offered his seat to Jason Conway, who opted not to take it at that time.

"I'm going to leave the seat empty for the rest of the meeting out of respect for Dr. Krantz," said Conway, the district's acting superintendent.

Krantz, 58, received several claps and a standing ovation Monday prior to leaving the meeting early, retiring after completing seven years as the district's superintendent and 37 years in public education.

The school board approved his retirement in October and named Conway acting superintendent in November.

Terry Emig, the board's president, presented Krantz with a certificate in recognition of his service to the district.

Dover Township resident Jan Snyder commended Krantz for being a great leader who made "marked improvements" to prepare students for a successful life after graduation.

Several former school board members attended Krantz's last meeting, including Judy McIlvaine who thanked him for bringing "visionary ideas" to the district, including developing an alternative education program that reduced expulsions.

The district went from having 26 expulsion hearings when Krantz became superintendent to holding only one hearing over the past five years.

"Students are able to continue education on Dover campus and still complete their education for diplomas from Dover," McIlvaine said.

She also commended Krantz on leading the district in overcoming budget challenges year after year.


Krantz said that while he wasn't expecting to receive such accolades from the board or the public, he was grateful for the recognition.

"It was a privilege to serve Dover, to work with this team of educators, the school board, the community and students," he said. "I'm very proud of where we are and where we're going."

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