Benitez ... released from prison
Benitez ... released from prison

A York City woman who was shot during the robbery of a neighborhood store has been released from prison after a judge gave her a time-served sentence for her role in the holdup.

Genesis Daivelle Benitez, 22, was shot in the lower back or buttocks during the March 2 incident, according to York City Police.

"Being shot is a traumatic experience for anyone, whether you committed a crime or didn't commit a crime," said her attorney, chief public defender Bruce Blocher.

When Benitez and then-boyfriend Christopher Reid walked into La Familia store, 350 Prospect St., he was brandishing a gun and she was holding a bag for money, according to police, who said both were wearing masks.

Reid ... serving five to 10 years.
Reid ... serving five to 10 years.

Reid held the gun on store owner Domingo DeLeon and employee Juan Leon, and demanded all the cash in the register, telling them he "wasn't playing," according to police.

Owner also armed: But Reid wasn't the only person inside the store with a gun.

After handing over the money in the cash register, DeLeon fired two rounds at the robbers, and one of the bullets struck Benitez, police said. The robbers then fled.

Benitez was arrested after officers followed her blood trail then got a tip from a passer-by that she was lying in a breezeway in the 300 block of East Prospect Avenue, according to police.


She was taken to York Hospital and subsequently charged with robbery and related offenses.

Busted at hospital: Police arrested Reid after he went to the hospital to check on Benitez, police have said. At the time, Reid was wanted on an unrelated robbery charge, police said.

On Dec. 27, Benitez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery. As part of a negotiated plea agreement, other charges were dismissed.

She was sentenced to 288 days to 23 months in prison, which amounted to a time-served sentence, records state. Benitez was released from York County Prison the same day, records state.

'Terrible decision': Benitez regrets her role in the robbery, according to Blocher.

"She said it was a terrible decision," Blocher said. "She was in a (bad) place. ... She needed money to get her kids moved (to a new home), and she told the judge she went about it the wrong way."

The attorney said it's his understanding Benitez didn't know Reid was going to brandish a gun during the robbery.

On Dec. 24, Reid, 24, formerly of Spring Garden Township, pleaded guilty to robbery and was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison, court records state.

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