A York City man escaped with his life -- but apparently with little memory -- after being stabbed early Sunday morning in the city, police said.

Dajuan Johnson, 32, of Fahs Street, was stabbed under the left collarbone about 12:30 a.m., according to York City Police Capt. Russ Tschopp.

Officers were called to 247 E. Philadelphia St., where they found Johnson on the front porch, bleeding from his wound, Tschopp said; a woman was applying direct pressure to it.

Johnson was treated at York Hospital and released, a hospital spokesman said.

At the scene, Johnson told officers he got stabbed after arguing with someone at North Queen and Walnut streets, but said he didn't know his attacker's race or gender, according to the captain.

Once at the hospital, Johnson amended his account to say he was stabbed at the corner of East Philadelphia and Pine streets, Tschopp said.

A bloody knife was found on the porch near Johnson, and although he was bleeding there was no blood trail leading to or from the porch, according to Tschopp.

Johnson and others there didn't appear to know how the bloody knife got there, the captain said.