A father-daughter duo in Conewago Township are cashing in on years of playing the lottery with a ticket worth $225,000.

Branton Gracey and his daughter, Georgia, have made it a shared pastime to split the cost of lottery tickets.

Branton Gracey, a retired assembly auditor from BAE Systems and a Vietnam veteran, said he and his daughter typically only spend a few dollars on the tickets at a time.

They've won as much as $84 on a single ticket in the past. But most times it's a few dollars here and there - enough to fund what Georgia Gracey calls their lottery "nest egg."

But with the winnings, the two will be able to start larger nest eggs for other spending, too.

"I came out ahead on this one," Branton Gracey said.

His daughter said she won't be quitting her job; her bosses asked about that Wednesday morning when they heard the news.

She said the first thing on her list will be to pay off her student loans from Yorktowne Business Institute, where she studied medical billing and coding.

Cruise trip: Now the office manager at East York Psychological Associates, Georgia Gracey will also pay some other bills and join her parents on a cruise.

The cruise destination is up for debate: Branton Gracey said he would prefer traveling to Alaska, where he and his wife, Linda traveled for their 25th wedding anniversary. His daughter might have other ideas.

In theory, the two could go on multiple trips if they chose to. Branton Gracey said he and his daughter will split the winnings down the middle, just as they've split the cost of playing the lottery for years.

Branton Gracey, 66, said he and his daughter, 45, buy tickets when they see a jackpot is big, or whenever it strikes their fancy.

"It's just something we do," he said.

Winning ticket: The cash to buy the winning ticket came from a Treasure Hunt lottery game from a few days before.

Georgia Gracey cashed in that ticket - worth $6 - and bought a $1 instant ticket and a $1 Cash 5 ticket.

That $1 Cash 5 ticket turned out to have the $225,000 return. The Cash 5 ticket was a quick pick, which means the computer randomly picks the numbers on the ticket.

"It takes the pressure off of you," she said.

Georgia Gracey bought the ticket at Tom's Exxon, with the automated winning combo of 03-09-16-17-43. The store is located at 1 S. Main St. in Dover, and will receive a $500 selling bonus.

Branton Gracey said if the family makes it to Alaska, he'll be excited to see the wildlife the state has to offer. In the previous trip, he and his wife visited Denali National Park where they saw grizzly bears, grey wolves, moose and a red fox.

And as for testing their luck, Branton Gracey visited the Tom's Exxon in Dover on the same day he claimed his winnings, to buy a Powerball and Treasure Hunt ticket.

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