The traffic light at the center of residents' concerns in York Township was permanently removed Wednesday, according to a release from PennDOT.

The light was originally scheduled to be removed Dec. 11, but inclement weather pushed the removal date back for more than a month.

The intersection is located at Route 124 and Chambers Road. A stop sign has been placed at the intersection instead, and motorists will only be allowed to turn right onto Route 124 from Chambers Road.

Residents from several communities in the area, including Starview Heights, have protested the removal of the light, saying they will not be able to exit their developments with a traffic light any longer.

Jay Cohen, a York Township resident who lives in Starview Heights, started a website and online petition to ask township officials to provide another traffic light in the area.

So far, 539 people have signed the petition asking for action.

The removal of the light is part on an ongoing $3.2 million project to widen Route 124 with two lanes of traffic in each direction. The project is scheduled to be completed in spring 2015.