When the Lord's Gym opened in Shrewsbury Township last month, hundreds of people saw how the fitness center was a bit different.

The gym, a faith-based ministry of the York Regional Dream Center, has no mirrors, contracts or membership fees; those who go simply pay what they can.

And on Saturday, its grand opening celebration will add to that uniqueness with a display of unusual feats of strength.

Chris "Hairculese" Rider, 37, a strongman from Thomasville who bends horseshoes and tears phonebooks in half, will perform at the event with his protege, Chris "Wonder" Schoeck, 46, of New York. The two are featured in the 2013 documentary "Bending Steel."

The idea to perform at the Lord's Gym came about because Rider and gym coordinator Niko Hulslander have been friends for years, Rider said.

"And I thought what they're doing down there is great, so I agreed to go down there and perform," he said.

A former powerlifter, Rider discovered he was adept at strongman events when he could rip a phonebook in half on his first try, he said. Now, he trains others and performs across the country.

His stage name also reflects his repertoire: He pulls trucks and airplanes while they're cabled into his waist-length hair.

The act will begin at 11 a.m. and last about half an hour, with time for autographs and a Q&A session afterward.

"We're gonna have a real good time," Rider said.

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