The total amount five former North York employees are seeking in lawsuits filed against the borough has grown to just over $950,000, which is just shy of the borough's 2014 budget.

The amount increased because former firefighter and public works employee Richard Rabuck Jr. amended his lawsuit on Dec. 27, claiming he is owed $173,938 in severance pay from when he was terminated as a public works employee earlier that month.

That brings the new total for the lawsuits filed by the former employees, including former manager Kevin Hevner, to $953,092. The borough's 2014 budget totals $976,680, according to budget documents.

The former employees claim they are owed severance pay after they each was terminated. Rabuck also claims he was never paid a $100,000 severance package when the borough got rid of its paid fire service, eliminating his position as a paid firefighter.

Part-time employees: The lawsuits claim the former employees each signed an employee agreement with the borough that states each is to receive a severance package of three years' pay and benefits.

At a council meeting on Dec. 23, the council said it will only hire part-time employees to fill such positions as manager and secretary.

As of this week, the positions have not been filled, said Vivian Amspacher, council president. She added there's no time line to hire the new employees.

"Whenever we get some applications," Amspacher said.

Lawsuits: Rabuck and the five employees originally filed the lawsuits on Dec. 6.

A sheriff's deputy served the lawsuits during a council meeting on Dec. 9, and the council voted to fire Rabuck from his position with the public works department at that same meeting.

According to the suits, Hevner is seeking nearly $350,000, former clerk Millissa Wilt is seeking $121,196, former manager and clerk Stewart Graybill is seeking $103,658 and former secretary/treasurer Norma Hess is seeking $105,133.

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