A 62-year-old Hanover area information technology field administrator is among four Republicans vying for the York County Republican Party's nomination to appear on the ballot for the special election to fill former Sen. Mike Waugh's seat through the end of the year.

William "Ande" Anderson said he's a conservative Christian who will be distinguished from the other candidates by his commitment to traditional family values and his knowledge of what middle class families need.

Anderson said he felt called to run after praying and studying scripture, and his faith would guide him through the important decisions of his office if he's elected.

A newcomer to the state political scene, Anderson has served as a local judge of elections and a township auditor, he said.

His viewpoints will be refreshing, he said, because there are "a lot of things going on up in Harrisburg that we need to take a different perspective on it and look at other avenues."

He said his legislative priorities would include reorganizing funding in the state, but he wouldn't know what specific changes he would make until he was elected and had a chance to review the budget.

Other priorities include keeping marriage between a "single man and a single woman" and supporting traditional Christian family values, he said.

Anderson said he also would want to make it harder to get an abortion, with one possible solution including providing a board or counselors such as pastors and psychologists to talk with women before they terminate a pregnancy, "and not just make it an open-door policy."

He would also work to protect the second amendment and strengthen the right to bear arms in Pennsylvania, he said.

As a "regular person" who isn't a "career politician," he's better in touch with the needs of everyday people, he said.

"I'm familiar with what working people need, not just what career politicians think the need," he said.

Anderson said he retired from the Air Force in 1993, after 22 years.

A 1969 graduate of Bel Air High School in Maryland, he and wife are from Maryland and moved into York County in 1996, he said.

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