The state's Department of Agriculture conducts yearly inspections of food-serving establishments to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, issues with chemicals and how they're handled, and employee hygiene.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments listed as out-of-compliance for inspections conducted Jan. 7-14.


Alfredo's Pizza II, 436 Eisenhower Drive, Hanover.

Action: Violations included an employee's open beverage container was observed in the food preparation area; a food handler not wearing a hair restraint; a food employee using bare hands to touch ready-to-eat food; several raw animal foods stored above ready-to-eat foods in the front baine marie; wet wiping cloths not being stored in sanitizer solution; time in lieu of temperature being used to control ready-to-eat foods; cardboard was used to line shelves; no chlorine test strips to test the bleach level; knife holder contained food residue; soda nozzles were not clean to sight and touch; single-use, to-go items were stored food-side up; no hot water and soap available at front hand sink; no paper towels at back hand sink.

Comment: A manager said all violations were corrected.

Baker's Family Restaurant, 515 US Route 15N, Dillsburg,

Action: Violations included the food facility using chlorine sanitizer at an extremely high concentration (greater than 100 ppm) not approved in the Code of Federal Regulations for food contact sanitizing at this level; food employee wearing single-use gloves without a prior hand wash; food employees observed changing tasks that may have contaminated hands without a proper handwash in between; potatoes stored in a bucket of water on the floor beneath a shelf of chemicals; raw animal foods stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler; several wet wiping cloths were not being stored in sanitizer solution; food employee changing tasks without changing gloves; shelving above three-compartment sink had accumulation of rust which is not a smooth, easily cleanable surface; no ammonia sanitizer test strips available; deeply scored cutting boards not resurfaced or discarded as required; clean dish racks stored on the floor in the warewash area.

Comment: A manager did not return calls seeking comment.

Sensenig's Meats, 6999 Cannery Road, Hanover,

Action: Violations included food employees not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets, hats or beard covers; several boxes of food in the outside freezer area stored with no covering; cheese sitting out at room temperature instead of being refrigerated; cheese balls being made and vacuum packed without proper testing; thermometer not readily accessible in self-service refrigeration unit; melting utensils handles; loose rubber door gaskets observed on the sandwich bain refrigerator unit; deeply scored cutting boards not resurfaced or discarded as required; slicer contained food residue and was not clean to sight and touch; food spillage on bottom shelving has accumulation of food debris; plumbing system not maintained in good repair; heavy frozen condensation located within meat freezer; exposed insulation on ceiling and walls; hole in the floor of washing station; kick plate/wall board contained holes from carts hitting against area; lights that are not shielded or shatterproof; rodent poison pellets located in outside units; produce, pork shoulders/chicken, and smoked meat areas were contamination risk; outside premises has large accumulation of boxes stored outside around the rear area of facility.

Comment: A manager could not be reached.


Coppers Cart-Big Dog, 2948 Sunset Drive, Dallastown.

Courtyard by Marriott, 2799 Concord Road, York.

Ferrante's Pizza & Restaurant, 305 N. Baltimore St., Dillsburg.

Guadalajara, 2600 E. Market St., York.

Jefferson Inn, 3 Hanover St., Codorus.

Red Lobster, 2555 E. Market St., York.

Sheetz, 2068 S. Queen St., York.

Westgate Restaurant & Lounge, 1550 Kenneth Road, York.