A ruling striking down Pennsylvania's voter ID law sparked a long conversation on the York Dispatch Facebook page.

We posted this question Friday night on our Facebook page:

A state judge struck down Pennsylvania's voter ID law today, saying the requirement to show an ID that met the state's regulations put an unnecessary burden on voters. Do you agree with his decision?

Here are some of the replies:

Cyndi Sneath: Yes! Showing ID to buy a six pack is *not* the same as showing ID to vote. I am astounded people will so easily give up their constitutional rights to vote without unnecessary burden. What is the purpose of changing a voting system that has worked so well when there's *never* been one prosecuted case of voter fraud? The state conceded to this in testimony.

Kappy Nichols: How is it an unnecessary burden? Don't we all have a form of photo ID?

David F. Brown: NO. BTW, even Mandela was a supporter of voter ID.

Joe Darrah: next time they ask me to show mine to get on the plane Im gonna tell them it's unnecessary

Michael Holsinger: Sorry republicans.. If you can't win elections; you try to change the rules. Less than 1% of voter fraud in PA. FYI

Shira McDade: I don't understand why people are fighting this. Every responsible adult should have some form of ID anyways.


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