Two boys and their mother all suffered injuries Monday morning when they were attacked by their neighbor's puppy in East Hopewell Township, according to state police, who said all three will be OK.

The 10-month-old mixed pit bull puppy was recently adopted by a family that lives on Lutz Road in the township, according to state police Trooper Ryan Speece, who is investigating the incident.

"The owners are beside themselves," Speece told The York Dispatch. "This is a tragic accident."

To hospital: The two boys and their mother, all of Lutz Road, were taken to a local hospital by ambulance for treatment, he confirmed.

The 10-year-old boy had a quarter-sized piece of flesh missing from his lower leg from the attack, and had scrapes and injuries consistent with falling down and trying to get away, according to Speece.

The boy's 6-year-old brother had scratches, although it's not yet clear whether the boy was scratched by the dog or suffered scratches while running away, he said.

Their 42-year-old mother suffered a 1- to 2-inch gash on her arm when she tried to stop the attack, Speece said.

Shortly before 11:30 a.m. Monday, a woman who is part of the family that adopted the dog was walking the dog around the perimeter of the family's underground electric fence, trying to get the dog accustomed to its new boundaries, Speece said.


Dog heard basketball: The children who were attacked were playing basketball, drawing the attention of the dog, which ran at them, Speece said. The dog was on a leash, but the leash slipped from the owner's hands, he said.

The dog ran about 150 yards to the children and attacked them, Speece said.

It was adopted less than 10 days ago from a Baltimore County dog shelter.

The dog was taken to the York County SPCA, where it was euthanized Tuesday morning and sent for rabies testing, according to Executive Director Melissa Smith.

Speece said he is unsure what triggered the dog to become aggressive.

"This dog is by no means (vicious). I handled the dog myself without incident," he said. "It's truly a puppy. Something set the dog off."

Shelter records: The trooper said he has reviewed records about the dog from the Baltimore County shelter, and confirmed the dog is up to date on its shots.

"Three veterinarians recommended him for adoption. Those records indicated he's very friendly and sociable," Speece said.

The dog's owner will be cited with allowing her dog to run at large, he confirmed.

The names of the injured and the name of the dog's owner were not released.

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