Many of York's snow-blanketed hills were silent Wednesday as wind chill values sank below zero.

But at Springettsbury Township Park, a couple of families bundled up for some snow fun.

With Central York School District closed, Springettsbury Township neighbors Jacob Kent and Jocelyn Long took their sleds to the park's hill.

"Everybody's like, I'm staying in and playing video games," said Jacob, 11. "But I'm like, 'I wanna go outside.'"

Although 10-year-old Jocelyn's favorite snow activity is sledding, she also made a snow angel at the bottom of the hill.

"I didn't wanna walk back up," she said.

Braving the cold: The two joined Jacob's mom, Erica Kent, and grandfather Henry Kafer. Jocelyn's 7-year-old brother Eli also came along. The group took turns sledding down the hill -- sometimes head-first -- and even went down together.

"I think (the weather) feels great. As long as you keep moving, you're fine," said Kafer, of Windsor Township.

The crew pretty much had the hill to themselves, which surprised Erica Kent.

"Maybe they thought it would be too bitter," she said.

It was their first time at the park's hill, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

"It's just right to go sledding," Kent said. "It's not too big where you get too tired to climb up."

As the children's cheeks started to get rosier, they found a small snow bunker in the parking lot perfectly suited for Eli's favorite winter activity: a snowball fight.

The three stationed themselves in a triangle, each squatting down behind their respective sleds and firing at each other.

After about an hour on the hill, it was time to go home.

More fun: The Rhine family of Manchester Township was the next to head down the slope.

Siblings Kayleigh, 9, and Derek, 8, had off from Christian School of York on Tuesday and Wednesday. They also hit Springettsbury Park on their first snow day, said their mom, Amy Rhine.

"We decided to come back because this seems to be the best place to go," she said.

Aside from sledding together, the two like to get creative in the snow: They take icicles off the car and smash them, and they also put food coloring in spray bottles to paint the snow.

But when they mixed all the colors together in a Mason jar, it turned into "brown mush," Kayleigh said.

And for a winter treat, Derek said he loves to collect freshly fallen snow in a cup and mix it with soda to create a slushy. This week, he used cranberry ginger ale and root beer, he said.

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