Relief for the arctic temperatures in York is on its way. But as that cold air travels back to Canada, a set of storms might make their home in York instead.

Temperatures could reach the mid-40s by Saturday, said Bill Gartner, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in State College. But as the warmer air mixes with the cold temperatures moving north, it will most likely create a rainy day for Saturday, moving into Super Bowl Sunday.

The colder temperatures, despite the wind chill warnings and the need for an extra pair of gloves, actually kept most of the "storminess" at bay, Gartner said. But that activity will increase, especially next week.

Another storm system could move through the York area next Wednesday, Gartner said, and will most likely be right on the edge of freezing temperatures. Right now, the temperature in York is forecast to be 33 degrees, with a low of 27.

Gartner said big winter storms are normally right on the edge of freezing, and the cloud coverage of such storms keeps the range of temperatures close together, too.

For now Gartner said details, such which type of precipitation and how much of it, are "fuzzy" because of the seven-day stretch in between. But one thing is certain.

"The storminess is coming back," he said.