The arctic air mass that has chilled the bones of many a Yorker the past couple weeks is finally receding, the National Weather Service says.

Saturday should stay party sunny and will reach highs around 45 and lows around 32, the NWS says.

The service says Sunday will be even warmer -- the temperature will get up to about 47. With that comes a 20 percent chance of rain during the day.

The weather turns cooler that night, though. The NWS predicts a low of 27, and Monday will only see a high of 34 and will have a 60 percent cance of snow.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issues an air quality alert for York County and surrounding areas, saying that the levels of pollution in the air may be unhealthy for "sensitive groups." It says that means people with lung diseases, children and the elderly. It's not a severe warning -- as long as these groups avoid strenuous activity outside, there shouldn't be a problem, the alert says.