Winter weather has consumed everyone's time here in central Pennsylvania this week, and it's been all over our social media as well.

With thousands of Yorkers in the dark after the latest storm, we asked this to our Facebook audience Wednesday night:

What would be the hardest part of having to do without electricity?

While several people said they would miss having heat, some had other concerns:

Barbara J Coale Ghandhi: I had alternative heat, cooking, light... I missed my computer.

Gus Aguirre: my electric guitar... devastation.

Shane Speal: Finding my beer by candlelight

Lori Uhrich: I have a kitten rescue. We still have some of the cats from the fairgrounds in the garage waiting for spring and new homes. If the electric goes off, the heaters keeping them warm will also

Kristie Hake- Pribish: No hot coffee in the morning!!