Two state representatives from York County are teaming up to hold an informative meeting in March on state laws about carrying concealed firearms.

The meeting aims to dispel misconceptions people may have about the laws, said Rep. Seth Grove, R-Dover Township.

It will be held at the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Co., 31 Berlin St. in Jefferson, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 22. Rep. Ron Miller, R-Jacobus, is co-hosting the meeting with Grove.

This will be the fourth meeting Grove has hosted.

Miller described the session as a "unique opportunity" to learn about concealed carry laws and to be able to ask questions of the experts on the topic.

Misconceptions: Though a permit to carry a concealed firearm allows someone to carry a concealed weapon in public, there are some limitations.

For example, Grove said, if someone carries a gun onto school property, that person will likely have an encounter with a police officer.

Attendees at the meeting will learn about where they can carry and what to expect if they are ever approached by an officer about carrying a gun, he said.

"It makes you better prepared and makes you think," Grove said.

A member of the law enforcement community will be on hand at the meeting to take questions and to discuss state laws, he said.

Even those who don't have or want a concealed carry permit would find the information useful, said Grove, who has a permit to carry.

Filling up fast: With a growing number of people having concealed carry permits, such meetings in the past have filled up quickly. One meeting had 70 people in attendance with 140 on a waiting list, Grove said.

"We always have a waiting list," the representative said.

The annual number of York County permits issued has grown 63 percent, from 3,836 in 2001 to 6,238 in 2011, the most recent year for which the state police have data. The number of permits issued grew 24 percent alone between 2010 and 2011.

"It is a growing percentage of our population," Grove said. "It's a huge responsibility" to carry.

Grove will host another meeting at the West Manchester Township building, 380 East Berlin Road, on Saturday, April 12.

To reserve a seat for the meeting in West Manchester Township, call Grove's office at (717) 767-3947; to reserve a seat at the Jefferson meeting, call Grove's office or Miller's office at (717) 482-9889.

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