Optimism and snowstorm don't often go together, but they work for Dan Wilson.

"I'm optimistic that this is going to be the last (snowstorm) for winter," said Wilson, of West Manchester Township.

While forecasts call for York County to get about a foot of snow across Wednesday and Thursday, Wilson said he's optimistic the area will get just two inches of snow.

"I'm not worried or anxious," he said. "We've been getting snow, and I believe we're at the time when it will end."

Storm shopping: Wilson was among local residents getting food ahead of the storm at Weis Markets in the township.

Sue Mullins of West Manchester Township said she's prepared for the storm after picking up a few items from Giant Food Stores at Delco Plaza Shopping Center, also in the township.

"We've already gotten a lot of snow," Mullins said. "I just accept that when it snows like that, we're going to be in the house for the day. It's winter. This is what happens. I don't get anxious about it."

Stores ready: The spokesmen for Weis Markets and Giant both said their stores are well-stocked with milk, eggs and bread, the main items that shoppers grab fast whenever there are snowstorm predictions.

The stores also make sure enough employees are on hand to stock shelves, assist customers, work the registers and keep the parking lots cleared.

Weis Markets began sending extra shipments of food and nonperishable items to their stores on Monday, said Dennis Curtin, the company's director of public relations.


"There are other things that people like to get, (including) diapers, sliced meats from our delis, rotisserie chickens, artificial firewood and rock salt," he said.

Stocking up: Both Curtin and Chris Brand, Giant's community and public relations manager, said their stores have seen increased customer traffic on Wednesday and expect more people to visit the stores on Thursday.

Brand said Giant customers also are stocking up on lunch meat, dairy products, water and beverages of all types. They're also getting snow shovels, windshield wiper fluid, salt, ice scrapers and hats and gloves.

Giant's fueling stations also are busy with customers filling up on gas for their vehicles, he said.

Because Valentine's Day is Friday, Giant has been encouraging people to get their loved ones gifts in a hurry, as the snow storm could hinder travel to stores later, Brand said.

"We set up sweetheart express registers for (shoppers) to quickly get the roses and items they need for their sweethearts," he said.

'Stay prepared': Rick Miller of Spring Grove stopped by Giant at Delco Plaza to get water and food for his family's cat.

Like Wilson and Mullins, Miller said he's ready for the snow and already had at home most of the items he would need to get through a snowstorm.

"We've had one storm after the other, so you have to be forward thinking and plan to keep extra things around the house to stay prepared, instead of just scrambling to get things at the last minute," Miller said.

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