Six weeks into 2014, York City has spent just about all the road-salt money it budgeted for the year.

Most of the time, $78,000 would be enough money to purchase the amount of salt needed to treat city roads from January through December, said Jim Gross, the city's public works director.

But, of course, this winter has been anything but typical.

"The last two storms kind of pushed us to the brink," Gross said. "It's unfortunate. We'd rather spend our money on other things."

The York City Council will consider a budget amendment at its meeting Tuesday.

Gross is requesting to transfer $35,000 from the city's liquid-fuels budget into its salt budget.

He said the state's transportation bill, passed after the city approved its 2014 budget, allocated more liquid fuels money to York than expected. So the transfer won't have a major impact on the bottom line, Gross said.

"It will hopefully get me through to March," he said. "At this point, I'm not sure."

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