Ask any homeowner — it's hard to find contractors as good as their word, who stands by their work and promptly fixes any mistakes.

But when one does, it's smart to stick with them.

York County hired Harrisburg-based McClure Co. in 2010 to identify inefficiencies at its facilities and make upgrades.

According to the $6.1 million contract, McClure guaranteed the county would save $380,000 a year, and the company would make up any difference below that amount.

After upgrading lighting and insulation and replacing windows and doors in county buildings, McClure hasn't had to back up its guarantee.

In fact, the annual savings have exceeded the company's estimate by 25 percent.

That's particularly good news, considering this:

McClure estimated the county would reap a $1.5 million net savings at the end of a 20-year, $6.1 million bond — if it meets at least the minimum annual savings.

At this rate the savings could be significantly more.

Not everything went smoothly during the project. The company's work at the York County Prison resulted in a November 2012 carbon monoxide leak that sickened 49 female inmates.

McClure took responsibility for the mistake that led to the leak, however, and the company made it right.

Now it says York County can save more money by upgrading additional facilities.

It would mean amending McClure's current contract to the tune of $2.4 million. But the company says county taxpayers will save about $237,000 per year in utility payments — again, guaranteed.

With the pledge, the green updates will pay for themselves in a little over 10 years, according to the county's facilities director.

Sounds to us like that would be money well-spent.