Thanks to more than 18 inches of snow since Thursday, Ski Roundtop's slopes at Roundtop Mountain Resort are packed with powder.

And last week was the Lewisberry-based resort's busiest week in at least five years, said marketing director Chris Dudding. "Enormous" attendances on Saturday and Sunday marked the biggest days, and the resort's parking lot was at full capacity, he said.

"People love it when it snows like this," he said.

Amid flurries on Sunday afternoon, Roundtop's food court was packed with skiers and snowtubers warming up after hitting the slopes.

The Free family from Carlisle usually snowtubes in warmer weather, so heading down the hills in the winter proved a different experience.

"It's basically the same, except you don't freeze your feet off," said Dylan Free, 12, about tubing in the spring.

Although tubing looks slow, it's actually very fast, said Riley Garman, 10.

"Going down the hill with that stuff hitting your face ... I am more of like a spring person, but it's OK," he said.

Conditions: In general, the snow buildup is great for slope conditions, Dudding said. As it's snowing, tubing becomes slower than usual, he said. Speeds pick back up after it stops falling.

"For skiing, it's wonderful because everybody likes fresh snow," Dudding said.

Although attendance wasn't great on Thursday because of travel conditions, the snow bumped up attendance in the days after, he said.

"They see it in their backyards, and they come up here to have fun," Dudding said.

For Baltimore resident Gina German, having fun in the snow was an outcome of "switching it up." She said she and her boyfriend usually go somewhere warm for vacation but decided to snowtube at Roundtop instead.

"It's very cool, it was fast," she said.

We haven't had a winter like this in a couple of years, German said.

"It's a nice change," she said. "As long as it's not every day, it's not too much."

Exceptional skiing conditions at Roundtop Mountain Resort are leading to long lift lines and crowded slopes,
Exceptional skiing conditions at Roundtop Mountain Resort are leading to long lift lines and crowded slopes, (JOHN A. PAVONCELLO -

More than Germany: For a few German girls visiting the states this year, the snow is more than they're used to. The group, which is staying in Maryland with host families, went snowtubing — an activity they said is not as popular back in their home country.

"It was really good, and it's a lot of snow — more than Germany," said Sarah Nippert, 21.

"I think it's pretty similar to Germany," said Madeleine Wiese, 19.

Last year, their home country saw a lot of snow, Nippert said, but this year is like spring.

"It's cold like here but not much snow," Wiese said.

She said she likes the snow most of the time.

"But it's kind of like I'm done with it," Wiese said.

Longer season?: The snow that skiers ride on, or the base, is currently 45 to 60 inches high at Roundtop, Dudding said. It's typically 36 to 48 inches high. That kind of snowpack could extend the season, he said.

"If the people keep coming, we'll keep using it," Dudding said.

An average season typically goes until the second weekend in March, he said.

"We certainly have the snow to go further than that," Dudding said.

This season will hopefully go well into March, he said, but that depends on the weather: More snow is welcome, and a repeat of Thursday's storm is unnecessary. This week's slightly warmer temperatures won't affect the slopes, he said.

The resort's 50th year is a huge success so far, Dudding said: It opened early; attendance has been considerably good ever since; and Mother Nature is pitching in, too.

"It's been a great celebration of 50 years," he said.

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