Rep. Stan Saylor
Rep. Stan Saylor

House Majority Whip Stan Saylor announced Tuesday he's running for a 12th term in the 94th District, which the Windsor Township Republican has held since 1993.

Saylor, who's facing a Republican challenger in the May 20 primary, said in the re-election bid announcement that he'll continue to work toward the principles of smaller government and lower taxes.

"Passing fiscally responsible budgets that put taxpayers first is an important responsibility of the Legislature," Saylor said. "I'm proud to have voted to pass the last three on-time, balanced budgets that controlled spending and did not increase taxes or add new debt."

The announcement cites Saylor's efforts to stop welfare expansion during the last budget process.

"Past experience has proven that we cannot trust the federal government to fulfill its promise to pay for this welfare expansion when it can't pay the current bills," he said.

The announcement also cites Saylor's support of "a viable solution to enable local school districts to eliminate property taxes," legislation from fellow York County Republican Seth Grove.

"I have worked hard to find an effective and achievable solution that enables local school districts to eliminate property taxes while still maintaining local control of the education decisions in our districts," Saylor said. "I will continue my fight to eliminate property taxes, but maintaining local control is vital.



A conservative, pro-life, Second Amendment supporter, Saylor said he drives his own car, pays for a portion of his health care, and has supported pension reform.

His opponent in the primary is Red Lion Councilman Kelly Henshaw, who also campaigned for the seat in the 2012 Republican primary.

That year, Henshaw took 41.6 percent of the vote, or 2,879 votes to Saylor's 4,033.

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