The owners of a popular York City restaurant are looking for someone else to take the keys.

Sam and Tony's is for sale.

Ross and Libbie Falzone, who opened the Italian restaurant at 243 W. Market St. 24 years ago, have decided to spend their later years traveling and enjoying life in a way that's difficult to do when you work 14 hours a day running a restaurant.

"I'd like to see the United States," Ross Falzone said. "One day you're going to wake up and wonder, 'Where did all the time go?' I don't have that much time."

Ross Falzone, 72, said he's "going to enjoy the city" and the relationships he's made with other business owners.

"Maybe have a couple happy hours at different places," he said with a chuckle. "I don't get to see my friends. When I'm busy, they're busy."

Ross Falzone said he and his wife named the restaurant after their fathers. It's always been a family operation, and all food is prepared on site.

All three of the Falzones' children have worked at the restaurant, and two still do, he said.

But, after 24 years of putting in long hours every day of the week, the Falzones are ready to move on.

"Things change. Everything turns around. It's just been a fun, fun trip," Ross Falzone said. "It's just amazing the friends and the people that we met in York."

The family, which owns the three-story building, has put the property on the market with a sales price of $345,000. That includes a liquor license. The 5,700-square-foot building has outdoor seating and an upstairs "owner's apartment."

Falzone said Sam and Tony's has long enjoyed the patronage of regular customers.

But young people are starting to discover the restaurant as well, he said.

"It is nice to see the excitement of the whole city changing and diversifying," he said.

Falzone said he's hoping the property will catch the eye of someone with a similar passion for the restaurant business.

"It's an opportunity for somebody else to do the same thing I did 24 years ago," he said.

Anyone interested in the property should contact Dylan Bauer or Dave Keech at ROCK Commercial Real Estate. The company's phone number is (717) 854-5357.

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