Paul Young knew his date was raised in a strict household, but he took her to a burlesque show anyway.

To his surprise, she stayed for the whole show. And she has remained with him for 72 years of marriage.

Paul and Lorna Young will be among 11 couples who will renew their marriage vows at 2 p.m. Saturday at Country Meadows of York retirement community at 1920 Trolley Road in West Manchester Township.

The couples have been married for a combined 645 years.

The Youngs have been married the longest of the couples, and this will be their fifth time renewing their vows.

"It's still exciting for us" said Lorna Young, 92. "It will be different."

Irvin and Helena Baughman said that after 63 years of marriage, they will be renewing their vows for the first time on Saturday. The couple said that to them, the ceremony will be a celebration of how they stayed together despite life's challenges.

"People give up too easily," said Irvin Baughman, 86. "Stick with it."

"Be in love, be kind to each other," added Helena Baughman, 88.

For the ceremony, the participating couples, their families, Country Meadows residents and visitors will gather near the fireplace in the rotunda of the facility's front area, said Bonnie Geisinger, Country Meadows' director of community life.

She said a facility chaplain will do separate vow renewal ceremonies for each couple. There will be special music and a reception with tiered cupcakes, rather than the traditional multi-layer wedding cake, Geisinger said.

"It's been a difficult winter, and we just wanted to do something fresh that would really touch people's heart," she said. "We want to do something for our couples that will be happy, enjoyable and bring tears to everybody's eyes."

Editor's Note: To meet the other couples taking part in the ceremony and read their advice for a long marriage, go here.

As ceremony day nears, Geisinger said, a lot of couples are talking about how they met, their first dates, marriage ceremonies and raising children.

"Their love is being renewed, rekindled," she said. "They're laughing. They're reliving the joy of their lives together."

After getting married 72 years ago, The Youngs — who met on a blind date — went on to have three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Lorna Young was a telephone operator and a teacher assistant. She sold Avon products for 52 years. Paul Young did sheet metal work at York Corp. for 43 years.

The Youngs said they advise other couples not to get into deep debt and to make the commitment to do good for each other.

"And we never went to bed cross at each other," said Paul Young, 93. "We prayed about it. God saw us through a lot of things. If it hadn't been for him, we wouldn't be together."

The Baughmans raised six daughters and a son, Bart Baughman, who is deceased. The Baughmans have nine grandchildren and a great-grandson.

Irvin Baughman was a York City police officer for 16 years and did construction work. Helena Baughman was a dump truck driver and a grocery store clerk.

Prior to meeting, the couple both grew up on farms in the Shrewsbury area, Irvin Baughman said. They met at a dance in Stewartstown.

"I was impressed with Helena from the start," he said. "She had a brand new '49 Chevy, and I had a motorcycle. After a couple of dates, it just worked out. We were going to be together."

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