The Central York school board has approved spending more than $100,000 to fix a sinkhole in the high school parking lot and continue a stormwater management project started in December.

The York Excavating Co. was originally awarded a bid for $288,664 to drill a series of holes across the high school property and fill them with grout to complete a storm water management project.

Under the contract, the company is to drill 81 holes and fill them with grout to strengthen the ground below. As of the first week of February, the company had completed 41 percent of the drilling but had already used 71 percent of the budget for that work. Thirty-one percent of the grouting was completed, but 43 percent of the estimated grouting material was already used.

To complete the project, the company estimates it will need another $89,785 for the drilling and materials.

The sinkhole: A sinkhole that was originally filled in the high school parking lot also became noticeable as the first project began in December. The area has since been blocked off, said district business manager Brent Kessler.

That same area was filled in 2008 for a similar issue, and is estimated to take an additional $31,905 to firm up the ground underneath. For both projects, the estimated cost totals an additional $121,690.

At the meeting last week, Kessler said the contract with the company only covers services rendered. The estimates are a "worst-case" scenario, and the district will only have to pay that amount if the materials are needed. But Kessler said the district is hoping the cost will come down as the company continues the work.

Board member Tim Bieber said at the meeting last week the addition to the contract is an unfortunate but required expense.

"It's not a choice we'd like to make, but it's basically necessary at this point," Bieber said.

Kessler said the money for the project will come from the district's capital reserve fund, which is money set aside specifically for construction or other building-related expenses. Kessler said because of that, the project will not affect the general budget for the current or upcoming year.

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