Nakia Williams
Nakia Williams

Convicted murderer Joshua Lookingbill smirked and chuckled quietly in court Tuesday as his victim's mother spoke about the pain she struggles with.

Carolyn Greene said she'd waited 390 days to stand before Lookingbill and speak her mind.

"I hope you take this time to search within yourself ... to repair all the hearts you have broken," Greene told him. "I forgive you for the heartless, coward(ly) act. You are the reason you're not with your children and I'm not with my son."

Chief deputy prosecutor Jennifer Russell said she wasn't surprised Lookingbill showed no respect for the family of 37-year-old murder victim Nakia "Nitty" Williams, or for the court.

"He's displayed that throughout the history of this case," she said.

Joshua Lookingbill
Joshua Lookingbill

Chief public defender Bruce Blocher declined comment about his client.

Life sentence: Lookingbill stopped smiling and closed his eyes as presiding Common Pleas Judge Thomas H. Kelley VI ordered the 25-year-old York City man to life in prison, plus an additional 10 to 20 years.

A jury on Jan. 15 found Lookingbill guilty of second-degree murder and burglary for the Jan. 31, 2013, slaying of Williams.

Kelley twice asked Lookingbill if he had anything to say to Williams' family or to the court.

"No," the killer said. "I think everybody just pretty much knows what it is, so we'll leave it at that."

The killer then began to speak to the judge about his dissatisfaction with his attorney, interrupting the judge several times.


"You had nothing to say to this (murder victim's) family, and now you want to say all these things?" Kelley asked as he cut off Lookingbill.

The murder: Armed with a 14-inch carving knife, Lookingbill, of West Poplar Street, walked to the home of ex-girlfriend Olga Cuadra in the 400 block of South Pershing Avenue and broke in through a window about 4:20 a.m., Russell has said.

The "sneak attack" happened when Lookingbill knew everyone would be sleeping, she said, meaning Williams would be unarmed and unable to fight back.

Lookingbill crept up the stairs and through the bedroom where his three daughters and his 7-year-old stepson were sleeping to get to the bed Cuadra and Williams shared, according to trial testimony.

Stabbed repeatedly: He stabbed Williams over and over and with such force that the knife pierced the victim's heart through his back, Russell said.

After killing his rival, Lookingbill fled the home and ditched the bloody knife in a nearby alley, according to testimony.

At trial, Blocher argued Lookingbill was merely in the home to see his children, but that "something snapped" in him when he saw Williams in bed with Cuadra.

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