A millionaire could be walking around York unknowingly.

Almost a year ago, 25 Quinto tickets were sold at Zhou's Grocery, 360 S. Queen St. in York City, and correctly matched all five numbers drawn, in order: 4-3-4-1-8.

That means they're worth $50,000 each, minus 25 percent federal withholding — a total of $1.25 million before taxes.

Although it seems rare for so many tickets with the same number to win the jackpot, the lottery doesn't look at how many people buy which numbers, said spokeswoman Lauren Bottaro.

"It just kind of makes it more visible that it happened to win," she said.

But no one has come forward to claim the winning tickets.

Winning tickets must be claimed within one year of purchase; they are set to expire on Thursday, March 13, the lottery said.

Who's the winner?: Staffers at Zhou's don't know for sure who the winner could be, but there is one man who stands out.

The man would put $50 or $100 down on a couple of numbers and used to play Quinto every day, said cashier Wendy Hinton. He hasn't been in the store for almost a month, she said.

Hinton and other store employees think one winner bought all the tickets at once. Lottery officials don't know for sure.

"We don't know until someone comes to claim their prize," Bottaro said.

Unclaimed prizes: But with just nine days left to do so, the lucky winner or winners don't have much time.

Until this weekend's announcement, Zhou's employees weren't aware they sold the jackpot-winning tickets, Hinton said. A customer pointed out the million-dollar notice on a lottery touchscreen at the store, she said.

"We didn't even know we sold a million dollars' worth of tickets until two weeks before the deadline was over," she said. "Why wouldn't you announce sooner?"

If the tickets go unclaimed, the total winnings of $1.25 million will go back into the general lottery fund and toward programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians, Bottaro said.

Lottery officials hope whoever won claims his or her prize before the tickets expire, she said.

"We hate to see tickets go unclaimed," Bottaro said. "So hopefully they come forward."

The holder of a winning ticket should sign the back of the ticket, call the lottery at 717-702-8146 and file a claim at one of the lottery's offices.

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