The Central York school board approved an agreement Monday that will extend the district teachers' contract by one year, after months of negotiations between the board and the teachers' association.

The teachers' contract expired June 30, 2013. The memorandum of agreement was approved by the association March 4 and was approved unanimously by the board Monday.

The agreement will extend the previously expired contract, with two changes for the 2013-14 school year. The teachers will not receive raises to their salaries under the agreement for this year and will be contracted to teach 180 school days. Typically, students in grades kindergarten through 11 attend school 184 days.

Board president Michael Wagner read a press release following the board's approval of the agreement. Wagner said those provisions in the contract will allow the district to finish the school year on budget and avoid any further extension of the school calendar caused by "the unusually severe winter weather."

With the reduction in school days, the last day of school for students in kindergarten through 11th grade has been modified to Friday, June 6, according to superintendent Michael Snell. Seniors will graduate at the previously scheduled May 30 date.

Wagner finished reading the release by saying the negotiations for a new contract have been "difficult but cordial" and will continue.

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