Greg Gettle doesn't expect a crowd at a hearing today about reducing the size of borough council in Windsor Borough.

We tend to agree.

The solicitor for the small borough says lack of interest is the reason behind the request in the first place.

So, no, he doesn't expect anyone with valid objections to come out to the hearing at the York County Judicial Center.

Windsor, like so many York County municipalities, has had a difficult time for years filling the seats on borough council. With seven seats, but two always vacant, reducing the size of that elected body to five is a no-brainer. We think other municipalities should follow Windsor's lead.

Last election, no candidates came forward for dozens of seats throughout the county, including mayoral and council seats. We write about it every year. It's always a problem.

That wasn't always the case, and in 1905 when Windsor was incorporated, having a body of seven to govern made sense.

Not today.

Back then, boroughs were the most populated areas of the county.

Today, Windsor has a population of 1,300.

Compare that to York Township, with its population of nearly 28,000, where only five commissioners serve on the board of commissioners.

It's a bit sad there's no more interest in serving on these councils, but it's understandable.

Folks are busy (though we can't imagine a time people didn't use this as an excuse). The pay's paltry — a couple hundred dollars a year for hundreds of hours of work.

As Felicia Dell, director of the York County Planning Commission, says, it takes a civic-minded person to find reward in the job.

Apparently, those folks prefer to live in Yorkana, where there's never been any trouble filling seats.

With a board of seven and a population of just 230, one in every 32 Yorkana residents sits on the borough council.

We think the court should agree to reduce the size of the Windsor Borough Council ... or allow it to merge with Yorkana.