The Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania will now end cookie sales on Sunday, March 23.

The sale — initially scheduled to run Jan. 4 to March 16 — has been hindered by inclement weather, especially the winter snow storms, said Jane Ransom, the GSHP's executive director.

"There were times we had to cancel cookie-booth sales," she said. "Girls were not able to get out and go door to door to take orders. The cookie sale is going strong, but we wanted to give the girls a chance to reach their goals and give the public a chance to (purchase) cookies."

This year's goal is to sell at least 2,200,000 cookie packages costing $4 each. Last year, the Girl Scouts sold 2,179,045 packages, according to Ransom.

The Girl Scouts also extended cookie sales in 2011 because of inclement weather, she said.

'Buckling down': To overcome this year's weather challenge, the Girl Scouts are "buckling down" to make the sales they need to reach their goals, Ransom said.

"The Girl Scouts just love selling the cookies, and they want to get out there and sell as much as they can," Ransom said. "With the money raised from the cookie sale, the girls are able to go to camps, fabulous trips with their troops, do community service projects and learn and explore all kinds of things."

Cookies: For their cookie purchases, the public can choose from Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Dulce de Leche, Thank You Berry Munch and Savannah Smiles.

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania serves 24,300 girls — ages 5 to 17 — in 30 counties in the state's central and northeastern regions, including 3,000 girls in York County.

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