The Dover Area School Board voted Tuesday not to appoint acting superintendent Jason Conway as its new district leader.

The board voted 5-4 against Conway's being named superintendent. The vote means the board will move on with efforts to find someone to fill that position, though Conway would be allowed to be a candidate.

Conway was hired in April 2013 as the district's assistant superintendent. The board voted to move him to his current acting superintendent position when former superintendent Robert Krantz retired in November.

Board vote: Board members who voted against Conway's superintendent appointment were Stephen Cook, Charles DeLauter, Kelly Mefford, Dan Sindlinger and board president Terry Emig.

Cook, DeLauter and Emig all said the district needs to go through a search process that would bring them the best-qualified person for the superintendent's position.

"I have interviewed many people in the jobs that I have," Emig said. "I myself was interviewed to be in certain positions. I think the process is needed."

Board members who voted in support of Conway were Julie Ann Emig, Charles Rauhauser, Christy Rehm and Kristen Ventre.

They said they see no need to conduct a superintendent search when Conway is effectively leading the district, implementing programs and saving money as well as making changes that streamline programs and improve academic programs.


Before the board voted, Cook asked that voting be done by paper ballot so board members could vote their conscience without being persuaded by the votes they were hearing from fellow board members. His request was rejected.

"We are all elected officials," Ventre said. "It's our job to speak up."

Public comments: Earlier in the meeting, board members heard from several people who spoke in support of Conway, including Dover Borough Mayor Rick Pope, who said this winter the district has been in constant contact with the borough about weather issues and how the borough and district can work together on projects to benefit the community.

Former school board members Bryan Rehm and Rob McIlvaine also voiced support for Conway.

However, several people, including Chuck Lambert, a Dover resident who owns Chick-fil-A on Route 30 in York City, said the district should spend money to find the best person for the superintendent position.

"As a business owner, I would never just give a position to someone," he said. "A process should be done. If Conway is the best person for the job, it would come out that way."

The board voted in February to work with the Pennsylvania School Boards Association's administrative support program to conduct a superintendent search if needed.

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