Bob Wilson, chairman of the York County Republican Party, expressed support for Scott Wagner Wednesday morning.

Wagner won special election for the 28th state Senate district Tuesday, defeating Democrat Linda Small and Republican Ron Miller, the GOP's official candidate.

In a statement, Wilson said: "Today is a new day in York County. And I for one would like to start this new day by congratulating State Senator elect, Scott Wagner on a well earned victory last evening. The voters of the 28th State Senatorial District made their voices known. State Senator elect Wagner will serve the people of the 28th District well. I certainly wish him well; after all, I am one of his constituents and only want what is best for our district and for York County.

From PennLive: York County conservatives resist overtures to work with the GOP

"As chairman of the York County Republican Committee it was and is my job to support our Republican nominees. Ron Miller was the Republican nominee going into yesterday's Special Election. The York County Republican Committee campaigned for and on behalf of the Miller Campaign. It was our job to do so. We would have done the same for whomever the nominee. That's the job of our political party; to support our nominees.

"We will do the exact same thing after the primary election this May; support whoever our Republican nominee is. The York County Republican Committee does not endorse candidates prior to primary elections; we hold an open primary here in York County. Simply put, the York County Republican Committee will fully support whoever our nominee is going into the general election. And this will remain true going into this year's primary race.

"However we have a new state senator here in York County today. And the time has come for all Republicans, myself included, to support our newest member to the York County Republican delegation; Scott Wagner. I have had the opportunity to meet with State Senator elect Wagner on a number of occasions and I can honestly say that he will serve the people of York County well."