Flats cafe closed it counter service in York City at 2 p.m. Friday.

However, Flats - at 142 N. George St. - will continue as a private meeting place for businesses and organizations, said Ryan Haugh, a partner with Altand House Hospitality Group, which owns and operates the flatbread eatery.

Flats also will do carry-out and delivery services with minimum order amount requirements. For example, a minimum amount for a delivery order would be $50, Haugh said.

"The counter service is closing, but we'll focus on the delivery aspect," he said. "With that type of business growing, we see a great opportunity - over the lunch period - to do carry-out lunches and deliveries versus the sit-down and people coming in to order at the counter."

Haugh said Altland House Hospitality Group wants to thank the patrons who supported Flats' counter-service operations over the past four years. "We had a good following with a good bunch of people," he said.

Flats cafe, at 25 Carlisle St. in Gettysburg, will remain open, Haugh said. -Reach Eyana Adah McMillan at emcmillan@yorkdispatch.com.