Scott Wagner
Scott Wagner (submitted)

York County's election office on Friday certified the victory of write-in candidate Scott Wagner in Tuesday's special election for the 28th Senate.

The Republican took 10,654 write-in votes in the election, beating out "Chewbacca," and two people who actually appeared on the ballot – Republican Ron Miller and Democrat Linda Small, said elections director Nikki Suchanic.

Only 22,327 voters cast ballots in the election, for a turnout of 13.6 percent, according to the elections office. Miller took 5,920, or 26.5 percent of the vote, to Small's 5,704 or 25.5 percent. Write-in votes totaled 10,730, or 48 percent, and officials said all but 76 of the votes were for Wagner, though someone voted for "Chewbacca" and someone wrote in "no acceptable candidate."

Wagner, who will fill the seat through the end of November, can't be sworn in until after his campaign finance reports are submitted through March 28, said Ron Ruman, press secretary for the Department of State.

The state will certify the election no earlier than March 29, he said.

After that, Senate leadership will "swear him in when they think they should," Ruman said.

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