Voith Hydro Inc. is reducing its York manufacturing workforce.

In April, through a combination of layoffs and early retirements, the company will have up to 90 fewer employees at its West Manchester Township plant, CEO Kevin Frank said.

Voith has not announced a specific date when the layoffs will begin, nor did Frank say if they will affect union employees, salaried employees or managers.

"They are people at our manufacturing center," he said.

The company employs 850 workers and most of them are at the local plant, Frank said.

About four years ago Voith ramped up its workforce to complete large projects in Ohio and at the Holtwood Dam along the Susquehanna River.

Now the company is seeing business "return to normal levels" as the demand for new projects slows down, Frank said.

The cheaper price of natural gas and multi-year licensing process for hydropower projects are obstacles in a competitive market, he said, but Frank is confident demand for hydropower will again increase.

"It's clean, carbon-free, renewable energy and a very competitive energy source," he said.

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