While it's not quite time to bust out the SPF 100 yet, York County should see a pleasantly mild weekend.

Saturday, the warmer of the two days will hit a high around 59, the National Weather Service says. It will be breezy, though; York County will experience gusts in the mid 20s, the NWS says. The service says the mostly sunny day will be followed by a nighttime low of 33.

Sunday cools off a little bit, with a predicted high of 42 on a partly cloudy day. The NWS says the ensuing night will be chilly, dropping all the way down to 23.

Monday will follow much in the same vein, with a high of 37 and low of 26, the NWS says, and then Tuesday brings a 60 percent chance of snow.

Forecasts on the amount we will get vary, so stay tuned over the new few days and we'll keep you up to date on what we're in for.