A garage fire in York City on Monday has been blamed on a child playing with matches.

The child was playing with matches beside the garage to the rear of the 200 block of North Hartley Street and set the outside wall on fire, said David Michaels, chief of York City Fire/Rescue Services.

The blaze spread to the interior of the garage and heat from the fire melted some of the siding on a neighboring garage, the chief said.

City firefighters were sent to the scene about 5 p.m. The fire was declared out a short time later.

The fire caused about $1,000 in damage and has been ruled accidental.

The boy, who lives in the neighborhood where the fire happened, will not be charged, Michaels said.

However, Michaels said fire officials always stress the damages of children playing with matches or lighters.

"They believe they can control it (fire) but it can quickly get out of control," he said.

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