A Sunday fire at a York Township garage attached to a house, leaving one dog dead, was caused by a malfunction in an electrical outlet, an investigator said.

The fire caused about $10,000 in damage and has been ruled accidental, said Detective Donald Hopple Jr., a fire investigator with York Area Regional Police.

A space heater plugged into an extension cord that was plugged it the malfunctioned wall outlet at the time of the blaze, he said.

Joe Yahnke, Red Lion fire chief, was one of the first firefighters on scene when first responders were sent to the house in the 800 block of Belle Road about 4:20 p.m.

He said he found two dogs, a collie and a black Labrador Retriever in cages in the smoke-filled garage and carried them outside.

As Yahnke carried the collie out, he took off his breathing mask and put it over the dog's face. He later started chest compressions and the dog started to breath.

Joseph Silar, assistant chief with Red Lion, treated the black lab but it died, Yahnke said.

"It was kind of hard but we did our best," he said.

EMTs with York Regional Emergency Medical Services took over treatment and rushed the collie to Animal Emergency and Referral Center of York in Spring Garden Township.

Yahnke said the collie's condition has improved.