In the March 18 York Dispatch, two pieces are noted. First, the editorial board comments that American students are not keeping pace with their international cohorts. Second, Central York High School published their "distinguished honor" list, in which the senior class alone had 195 "distinguished scholars."

It may be true that one technique for improving outcomes is "flipping," so that class work is done at home and homework done in class, as suggested in the editorial.

But allow me to suggest another.

Educators must stop telling students they are already doing "distinguished scholar" work when they are not. The student who is 195th in his class has a long way to go to excel academically at Central High School, let alone the world. Tell him that and what he needs to do to improve, and encourage him. If a student is truly a distinguished scholar, publish that, and mention the teachers that motivated him. That might be news worth reading.


Spring Garden Twp.