Columbia Gas is moving out of the city.

The natural gas provider is building a new office in West Manchester Township and intends to relocate at the end of August, according to spokeswoman Brynnly Schwartz.

For 10 years the company's local office has been at 1020 N. Hartley St. in York, but it has outgrown the space, she said.

A larger office at 1600 Colony Road is being built by Kinsley Construction.

The new Columbia Gas office is behind a York Wallcoverings plant and across from the York Newspaper Co.

"We'll be located in an industrial setting, which will minimize the need to drive through residential areas to access our facility," Schwartz said.

Other attributes of the new site also appealed to the company.

"There will be more room, and we'll have a larger area for training our employees. The new building will be centrally located to reach the majority of our customers, and it's close to major roads like Interstate 83 and Route 30," she said.

More than 100 employees in 22 departments will work in the new building.

However, no customer service functions will be based in the new building. For example, customers will not pay their bills at the new office.

Customers can continue to pay bills online at the company website,, where they can also enter their zip code or address to find a list of pay-in-person locations.

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