Hey, at least it's not snow.

But it's going to rain basically this entire weekend, the National Weather Service predicts, and enough rain will fall to possibly cause some flooding in York County.

The weather service says there's a 100 percent chance of rain Saturday day and night, getting stronger later. The temperature will hit a high of around 51 and a low of 37.

The NWS issued a flood watch in effect from noon Saturday until 8 p.m. Sunday. In total, one to two inches of rain could fall on York County, the service says. The flood watch applies to much of the eastern half of the state, and, of anywhere in Pa., the area around and just east of I-81 will receive the most rain, the NWS says.

A flood watch means that conditions are right for rivers, streams and drainage systems to overflow, the NWS says. It says the smaller the stream, the more likely it is to overflow, so watch for overflowing creeks and drains in particular. We'll let you know if the flood watch turns into a flood warning, meaning that there are reports of flooding.

Sunday, high 47, will see a high of around 47, and has a 70 percent chance of continued rain, the NWS says. The wind will pick up, too, with sustained winds possibly reaching the mid 20s and gusts as fast as 37 mph.

The rest of the week is cheerier. There's only a 30 percent chance of morning showers on a breezy Monday, and the day's high will hit around 59, the NWS says.

The sun will make appearances Tuesday and Wednesday as the temperature reaches into the 60s.