An 18-year-old Shrewsbury resident and two boys are charged with more than $22,000 in vandalism damage throughout southern York County, police said.

Southern Regional Police Department said Jeromy McCauley and two boys spray painted graffiti on several parks and businesses, using the tag names Dire, Vivid, Amen and Awe.

McCauley told police he used the tag names Awe and Amen because he is "in awe of God" and the names mean something to him and his faith, according to a police report.

The report also lists damage at several locations: $75 at The Factory Building in Shrewsbury; $2,737.63 at the Shrewsbury Borough Building; $2,417.63 at Sweeney Park; $1,125 at Saubel's Market in Shrewsbury; $2,670 at Shrewsbury Fire Department; $582.07 at Marge Goodfellow Park; $450 at Steam into History; $123.33 at York County parks in New Freedom; $9,866 at a business property on North Constitution Avenue in New Freedom; $645 at a business property on East High Street in New Freedom; $433.66 in York County parks in Springfield Township; and $1,138.44 at York County parks in York Township.

McCauley on Wedensday was arraigned by District Judge Jeff Joy and released on unsecured bail. The two juveniles have allegations filed against them with Juvenile Probation, according to the police report.