Spring is in the air — at least for today.

But meteorologists say snow could be in the air next week, offering another sign that winter is not done with York any more than it was on Sunday afternoon when heavy rain turned to wet snow.

A sunny Monday and Tuesday seemed far more seasonally accurate than the winter weather that started the week on Sunday, but it's actually all part of spring's unpredictable charm. And it's also right on a par with the type of winter York County residents endured, meteorologists said.

"Spring is coming for at least the rest of the week, but not at full force. There will be periods of rain and cloud cover," said Barry Lambert, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The spring-like, 60-degree temperatures will be interrupted by rain later in the week, and snow could return early next week, according to AccuWeather and the National Weather Service.

"In next week's weather forecast, we're not discounting the chance of snow. Another storm could affect the Mid-Atlantic (region) late Monday to Wednesday and has the potential to bring some wintry weather," Lambert said.

That might not be welcome news to Yorkers who slogged through 45 inches of snow from Dec. 1 through March 31, about 21 inches above normal for York County, he said.

Sunday's storm: A couple of those inches fell Sunday evening, causing hazardous road conditions throughout the county.

Two low pressure systems stalled on top of each other and temperatures dropped, which was just enough to dump snow on York County, said Tom Kines, AccuWeather meteorologist.

"Everything fell into place. There was heavy precipitation, colder air, and some areas picked up several inches of snow. The southeastern part of York County was a bull's-eye for the storm," he said.

Then a chilly Monday morning gave way to a beautiful spring day in which snow melted quickly under a sunny sky, Kines said.

"That weather pattern is one of those oddities we have become accustomed to this year," he said.

And while Tuesday is predicted to be another nice spring day, Kines said, "Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end."

Wednesday and Thursday will bring a lot of cloudiness, and a few days later snow could be in the mix, he said.

"I'd love to say the snow is over, but it is going to turn colder early next week. There's a weather system moving up from the south that usually brings a lot of moisture, so snow is not out of the question," Kines said.

But that's just the way spring is, he said.

"You can have a cold day, and the next day the sun is back out. Hopefully, one of these days we'll get into the 70s, but we'll have to take baby steps to get there," Kines said.

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