The West York school board will vote next week on approving a proposed budget with a property tax rate higher than the state-determined cap.

The district was approved for exceptions by the state Department of Education in the amount of $788,246, said George Fike, the district's business manager.

With the exceptions, the millage rate would rise from 20.7 from the 2013-14 school year to 21.8. Fike said property owners in West York borough will pay an increase of about $74, and residents in West Manchester Township will pay an additional $137.

That's an increase of 5 percent from last year's millage rate. The school district's tax cap originally allowed a 2.2 percent property tax hike next year, which Fike said would be an increase of about $37 for residents in West York borough and $69 for residents in West Manchester Township.

The money from the exceptions will help to cover the rising fees of retirement and special education, Fike said.

The district will still need to find a way to balance the budget, which will have a deficit of about $800,000 with the exceptions, Fike said.

"We're still in the hole, but we're getting closer," Fike said.

The school board has already made several cuts over the past few months to reduce the budget deficit. The district furloughed 19 professional staff and 10 support staff members in February, and it has also cut athletic teams such as the middle school cross county and cheerleading squads and the ninth-grade football team.


The school board will vote to advertise the proposed final budget at its meeting Tuesday. The board will need to vote on approving the final budget at least 30 days after that advertisement, which is when the new property tax rates would be officially adopted.

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