Stewards of the New Hope Academy Charter School are still weighing their options after Commonwealth Court judges upheld an order from a state-level appeals board to close New Hope in June.

New Hope's board of trustees met with its attorneys behind closed doors Thursday. The next — and final — legal step for the charter school is an appeal to the state Supreme Court.

"And we are considering that, but no decision's been made," trustee Deb Stock said.

The Supreme Court, however, can choose not to consider the case if New Hope appeals.

The York City School District denied New Hope's application for a charter renewal in 2012. New Hope appealed that decision to the state-level appeals board, which upheld the district's decision.

New Hope appealed again to Commonwealth Court, which issued its decision Tuesday.

Stock said New Hope's board is not working within any specific timeline to make a decision about a final appeal.

The school is in "crisis mode," she said.

Counselors have been at New Hope this week to meet with students and staff members upset over the court's decision.

"The news is so disappointing and so devastating ... that we're really focused on getting through that piece," Stock said.

A document distributed at the New Hope board's public meeting Thursday suggested some preparations are under way for the school's closure.


The report from director of curriculum and instruction Sharon Hagenberger said she is making a list of vendors and grant providers "so that we can notify them properly that we will be ending all contracts in June."

Stock, however, insisted that a decision has not been made.

To appeal or give up the fight is a decision that only the board of trustees can make through a vote at a public meeting, she said.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 8 at 600 N. Hartley St.

Stock said she expects conversations with attorneys and among board members to continue during the next few weeks, and it's possible a special meeting will be scheduled before May 8.

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