The Dallastown administration set the graduation date for the first week in June after verifying the senior students will meet all attendance requirements, said superintendent Ron Dyer.

Seniors will have a half day of school Thursday, June 5. The ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. that night in the school's outdoor stadium, weather permitting.

There was a push to hold graduation in the first week of to allow construction for the turf field to begin, Dyer said.

The school district will not face any penalties for the date, a community rumor Dyer said he wanted to dismiss. The seniors will attend school for 180 days and will have 993 course hours, three more than required by the state Department of Education, Dyer said.

All other students will attend school until Wednesday, June 11. Dyer said the "unusual year" full of snow delays and cancellations made it necessary for two schedules for final exams - one for seniors and another for underclassmen. But Dyer said he does not want to make that practice a precedent, as it causes extra work for school staff members.

Three students thanked the board at its meeting Thursday for keeping the graduation date within the first week. Some students will be starting college before the end of June, and several others have out-of-town family members who had already purchased plane tickets for the event. Regan Clevenger, the senior class president, thanked the board for listening to student concerns early in the year.


Clevenger said at an earlier meeting she has family members from five countries hoping to attend the graduation ceremony.

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