The Dallastown Area Intermediate School will have a new leader Monday morning.

Erin Heffler was unanimously approved by the school board Thursday to be the school's principal, and will begin in her new post next week.

Heffler, whose starting salary as principal will be $115,006, has been with the district for the past nine years as the assistant principal at the high school, said superintendent Ron Dyer.

Heffler was approved by several committees made up of staff members, administrators and board members, Dyer said.

"We really believe she will serve with distinction," he said.

Among other characteristics, Heffler was recommended for the position because of her compassion for students and her belief that every student can learn and contribute, Dyer said.

Heffler also leads several staff development courses over the summer and has demonstrated her ability to work well with other staff members, Dyer added.

Heffler replaces principal Paula March, who left her position in January. According to district personnel reports, March will be on administrative leave until Dec. 5, when her retirement will become official.

The intermediate school's PTO has invited parents to meet Heffler from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 16 in the school's staff development room.

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