Pennsylvania candidate for governor Rob McCord.
Pennsylvania candidate for governor Rob McCord. (AP File Photo)

HARRISBURG - The stepbrother of Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Rob McCord says the Democrat has told "half-truths" by portraying himself as the disadvantaged child of a single mother.

Daniel Silver of State College writes in a letter to that McCord, who is state treasurer, fails to mention on his campaign website and in his TV ads that his mother remarried when McCord was 10 years old. Silver says McCord's stepfather loved McCord and raised him as a son. He says the candidate isn't being forthright and "dishonors" his stepfather.

McCord's campaign is disputing Silver's characterization, saying McCord mentioned he had a "great stepfather" in an April 2 interview with the PennLive editorial board.

McCord is one of four Democrats running for the nomination to take on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett. York County businessman Tom Wolf is leading the field in recent polls.