After nearly a year without a community and economic development director, York City is ready to hire a new person for the position.

The York City Council's agenda for Tuesday's meeting includes a resolution appointing "a candidate" to the position at an annual starting salary of $95,500.

Several city officials declined Friday to identify the candidate.

"I think part of the reason for this is that whoever this is doesn't want to have his job jeopardized until this thing is passed," Councilman Henry Nixon said. "As soon as you get that name, it goes on the world wide web. That would be very unfair to do that to somebody."

Nixon said Mayor Kim Bracey's appointment, which must be approved by the council, is "not open for discussion."

"It's an up or down vote," he said.

Bracey declined to comment Friday about the appointment. She said she'll attend Tuesday's meeting.

The vacancy: The person who held the director's position most recently is Kevin Schreiber, who was elected in May to represent York City, West York, North York, Spring Garden Township and part of West Manchester Township in the state House. Schreiber remained the department director until the May 21, 2013, election.

Shilvosky Buffaloe, the department's deputy director, has been leading the economic and community development staff since.

That supervisory role includes oversight of the city's housing, health and permits and zoning bureaus.


The candidate's proposed salary is about $16,000 higher than what the city budgeted for the position this year — $79,341.

Nixon said he thought the negotiated figure would be "considerably more."

"I really thought it would be closer to $125,000 to $150,000," he said.

Because the city has not paid someone for the job so far this year, there's money to cover the increase in 2014, Nixon said.

As far as next year, "we'll have to put that on the budget," Nixon said.

Council President Carol Hill-Evans said she has some concerns.

"I want to know where the extra money's coming from," she said. "If that's not what was budgeted, where are we getting it?"

Hill-Evans said she plans to pursue answers to that question before Tuesday's meeting, which is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 101 S. George St.

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